Monday, March 17, 2014

New Embroidery Classes

Hey folks, Jessica Embroidery here!

Today I just wanted to let you know that we have made a couple of changes to the embroidery class schedule. Some techniques always prove to be more popular than others so we have decided to replace a couple of our least popular classes with projects which you will hopefully love.

First off, we’re saying goodbye to floral fun (ribbonwork) and hello to monograms! Our monograms are pre-printed onto the fabric and include a combination of ribbonwork and freehand embroidery stitches. This class is suitable for beginners, you will learn a variety of stitches and we think they make the perfect personalised present for a loved one, unless of course you’d like to make a beautiful embroidery just for you.

Monogram in Ribbon Embroidery

Next up it’s farewell to canvaswork and howdy to our gorgeous Sarah Kay panels! Like the monograms these designs are pre-printed onto fabric and there are tons to choose from. This class requires a little experience of embroidery as it includes quite a wide range of embroidery techniques from trapunto padding and applique to freehand embroidery and ribbonwork.

Sarah Kay ribbon embroidery

Both of these new classes allow you to broaden your knowledge of embroidery while creating something fun and unique.  You can pick and choose your own threads, ribbons and stitches and really let your creativity run wild. The beauty of working on printed panels is that you don’t have to cover the piece in embroidery, although of course you can if you want to. So book now to avoid disappointment! Full details on our website at

And last but not least if you wish to take either of the discontinued classes or learn any other techniques don’t forget we offer private tuition. Pop into the shop or email our class coordinator for more information-

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