Monday, April 15, 2013

Mary Latham - RAEY Volunteer

Before heading off on a volunteer trip to RAEY in Ethiopia, Mary Latham visited Craft Land for a sewing machine tutorial. An experienced sewer, Mary came to Craft Land to brush up on her skills, preparing herself for teaching sewing to the ladies of the RAEY community.

Mary with Craft Land sewing teacher Steph Deaves

During Ramdan of 2012, Craft Land received donated sewing machines and crafting tools and materials on behalf of RAEY as part of the annual Craft Land Trade for Aid program. All the donated items have been shipped to Ethiopia where RAEY plan to utilise them to create employment opportunities for the adults in the community.

We wish Mary good luck with her time at at RAEY - from what we hear so far, things are going well!

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