Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Felting for Peace Around the World

Peace Felt is an initiative by Living Felt to create works of felted art and share that work with another felter somewhere else in the world.

Chrissie at Craft Land is forming a group to contribute to this worthwhile event, and she invites you to join the Craft Land group to create a felt bouquet. This completed bouquet will be given to another participating group (assigned by Peace Felt), and in theory, Craft Land's group will receive a felt project from another group somewhere out there in the felting world. Our project is designed so that the group who receives it will be able to share the bouquet among themselves, but the felted project that we may receive will be a surprise!

For this project Chrissie will be holding two free workshops and will be showing you how to make your own felt and to create and embellish felt flowers for the bouquet of love and friendship.

The first flowers for our bouquet

If you would like to learn about this ancient art and take part in this global project, come along to our two free workshops on Sunday 19th and 26th June 12.30-2.30pm at Craft Land. (Prior booking essential) Felting wool can be purchased from Craft Land before the workshops. If you have a stash of threads, buttons, beads or scraps of pretty fabric that you would like to use and/or share with your fellow crafters please do bring them along. Chrissie will also bring a selection of embellishment goodies to share.

Don't forget to book your space!

Excerpted from the Peace Felt website:

The purpose of Peace Felt is to create a borderless community of Love in Action: appreciating each other's differences while celebrating our oneness. It is about crossing over barriers, expanding our consciousness and connecting people through their passions for art and the heart felt expressions of Love, Unity, Brotherhood and Oneness that we all share.

Peace Felt Around The World celebrates the International Day of Peace as recognized by the United Nations. In 2001 the resolution 55/282 was strengthened to fix the date annually on 21 September and for it to be a day of nonviolence and cease-fire. The resolution was adopted unanimously by the Member States of the General Assembly.

For more Peace Felt information, visit their website at http://www.peacefelt.org/index.html. Just remember that if you are joining Craft Land's group, you DON'T need to register on their site. By registering at the Peace Felt site, you are committing to contribute a felted piece separately from Craft Land.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Celebrating Quilters in Dubai

Dubai Quilts Exhibition - May 20 & 21, 2011

 The Dubai Quilts Exhibition has just wrapped up, and the first annual event was a great success. Sponsored by Craft Land, The Dubai Quilters Guild, Brother and Madeira, there were over 60 quilts on display from quilters in the UAE and beyond (one submission came from Brazil!), from experienced master quilters and from children as young as 8 years old. Here are some photos of the winning quilts and from the show, in case you missed it.

         Viewers' Choice Winner  -  Janine Ibbini of Abu Dhabi
2nd Place Winner  Manisha Hunt with Shinji Tada, Managing Director of Brother International (Gulf)
3rd Place  --  Janine Ibbini of Abu Dhabi
3rd Place -- Denise Tarum of Dubai
Detail of Manisha Hunt's Remember Wedgwood

Some of the beautiful quilts submitted  - the yellow and blue one in the center is by April Rawlins, age 8
Checking out the amazing handiwork

Riana Auret and Shinji Tada presenting Manisha Hunt with her new Brother NV 50 sewing machine and Madeira thread chest

Town Center Atrium was a lovely venue for the exhibition

Thank you to all the quilters, volunteers and viewers who enjoyed the show and voted for their favorites. We all look forward to hosting this event with the Dubai Quilters' Guild again next year!