Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And the winner is...!

Quilt Art 2012 was a wonderful display of locally crafted quilts. Thank you to everyone who took part. To view all of the quilts that were on display - head to our facebook page:


(sorry for the long link, but it gets you to the right place!)

Congratulations to Suzet Pont - the winner of the Viewers Choice Award. Suzet's quilt was the overall favourite receiving nearly 20% of the total 1,000+ votes.

Suzet Pont - Winner of the Viewers Choice Award

Suzet's quilt was a technical masterpiece with fabulous crystals on top - a beautiful work of art.

The winner of the Beginners Quilt Award (that's for those who had been quilting for 1 year or less) was Alexandra Lunz - congratulations Alexandra!

Alexandra Lunz with her Happy Easter winning quilt

In the Kids category the judges had a hard time deciding; awarding Lea Smit and giving a special mention to Kara Roy and Hannah Evans - well done girls!

Lea Smit with her Winning Design

Junior Quilters Hannah Evans (left) and Lea Smit (right)

Well done to everyone who took part - the show was fantastic - start work on your entries for next year!! And remember - its Quilt Art - so it can be anything quilted - the wackier the better!!

CL xx

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