Saturday, July 10, 2010

New goodies on shelves!

Bino was almost through the last load of boxes when the next one hit... no pictures this time, because there isn't any room to take one! (literally - we're hoping very few people need Safran yarn for the next two days...)

On the bright side, we now have more scissors, elastics and cording than anyone could possibly wish for.

The beautiful Westfalen fabrics, Jaipur and others, have now been displayed. You don't have to stop at using them for quilts - we have examples of knitting rolls, table runners and a variety of other household items. The rolls of fabrics are made up of 12 fabrics each, 19" square.

The cushion is especially inviting - a Permin of Copenhagen panel perfectly complements the colour of the Jaipur fabrics, available on the bolt. This and other Permin panels are available as kits, and are large enough to keep you busy for much of the summer!

Those of you looking for a new challenge might enjoy the smocking classes being held over the summer. The next session begins August 3, and the finished baby's Bishop is simply stunning! Those of you who already love this type of embroidery might be glad to see the new smocking pleaters displayed - there are three sizes available from 16 needles to 36+. There are also a variety of books - even one for those of you who think smocking is only for baby christenings!

We'll have whole loads more new stuff unpacked and out on the shelves by the end of the week. Remember about the summer sewing promotion - starter machine with accessories and free beginner classes at a fabulous discount, and here is a hint that there will much, much more on promotion (savings of 20% - 50% on selected items) beginning next week... check back early and often!
Happy crafting!

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  1. So nice to see your blog. your shop is one of my main visiting spot when i visit Dubai...can't wait for my next visit in sept.